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Even as little as a minute of server downtime can be quite stressful and potentially costly in any IT environment. Constant monitoring of servers infrastructure is essential, although keeping an eye on multiple server instances isn’t an easy task.
Retrospective is an event log management software designed and developed for log analyzing and server monitoring. Host management options enable adding and editing remote hosts, allowing Retrospective to be set up quickly for tailing desired log files.

Establishing connection with remote system requires as little as providing an IP address and port number, along with the user authentication details - either login/password combination or login and an SSH key.
There’s no need to install any software agents and re-configure firewall settings as with other server monitoring tools. Batch editing hosts’ definitions allows you to change authentication information on different hosts with just a few clicks.
After selecting log files and specifying phrases to be tailed, simply hit the ‘Start Tail’ button to have the log analyzer start monitoring log files. When a new entry matching selected search parameters is added to the log file, it will pop on the screen right away.
Retrospective automatically folds the search options panel when tailing. This maximizes the results section, while the results highlighting helps you to see important information returned by the log analysis engine.

An option to pause results scrolling allows you to analyze given log entries without stopping the tailing itself. Once done looking through given set of results, you can resume scrolling to have your results scrolled automatically whenever a new matching entry is added to tailed log files.

Unlike previous experiences with your old log analysis tool, new entries can be dealt with in the most efficient fashion. Define filters to narrow the results set and turn on results highlighting to make essential information stand out. Constant supervision of servers is a key to stable and reliable IT infrastructure. This can be only achieved through monitoring logs stored on those servers. And it doesn't apply only to web servers. Monitoring databases is even more important as in todays world we rely on information and data storage more and more each day.

Having said that, monitoring log files to keep your system safe and sound is a must these days.


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Mirador features:

  • Easy config

    Easily switch between multiple Hawk environments. Customise program behaviour.

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  • Alerting

    Overview of environment health stats. Dive into single computers. Suspend and confirm alerts.

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  • Data collection & visualisation

    Request information and subscribe to events from remote computers. Easily display data in either forms, tables or charts.

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  • Monitoring

    Get an inside view of BW processes. Identify slow processes. Display average throughput time.

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  • Reporting

    Generate comprehensive results from your distributed monitoring environment.

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  • Smart features – real benefits!

    Query and analyse data from multiple servers. Save & load desktops.

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