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Q. Why does the Mirador installer program create an empty plugin folder in the installation directory?

A. Mirador acts as a pseudo Hawk agent in a way that it can load user-defined Hawk microagents. At program start-up, the program automatically scans the plugin folder and tries to load the microagents defined by the .hma files. Successfully loaded microagents appear as dependents of the top level node “Mirador Agent”.

Q.  Do I have to run a local Hawk agent in order to successfully run the Mirador program?

A. There is no need to run a Hawk Agent of Hawk HMA process locally unless your local machine is part of the monitored computers. The Mirador program however expects Hawk and Tibco messaging software (Rendezvous and optionally also EMS) to be installed locally.

Q. When are cleared alerts removed from the alert table?

A. Hawk alerts are removed from the table when they expire. Alerts expire a certain time after they were cleared and also read by the user. This time period can be changed in the application properties dialog within the alert panel. Mirador considers an alert to be read if you double click an alert within the table in order to show its detail in a pop-up dialog. Alternatively you can press a button top right on the alert table that tells the program that all alerts or all cleared alerts have been read.

Q. How do I clear a Hawk alert manually?

A. Hawk alerts are cleared by the Hawk agent as soon as the clear condition is met, they cannot be cleared manually. Mirador however lets you suspend an alert through a button located top right on the alert table. When an alert is suspended, the corresponding Hawk agent clears it for the period of time chosen by the user. Once this period is over, the test from the rule is evaluated again and the original alert (same ID) reappears if the test is still true.

Q. Suddenly during an active monitoring session, the top level tree node is shown with a red border. What does this mean?

A. The red border on the top level tree node indicates the presence of warnings issued by the underlying Hawk console. Such warnings report some unexpected events that occurred while monitoring a Hawk environment. A warning would appear, for example, if you unplug the network cable from the computer that is running the Mirador program. Select the top level tree node and switch to the “Console Warnings” tab to display the warnings and possibly dismiss them.

Q. How can I alter Hawk rulebases within the Mirador program?

A. Hawk rulebases cannot be edited within Mirador. This must be done through a TIBCO standard program such as Hawk Display.

Q. How can I change the color and width of individual lines in a microagent method result chart?

A. Simply click on the appropriate items in the chart legend and change line color and width within the pop-up dialog.

Q. How can I zoom into a particular area of a microagent method result chart?

A. Place the mouse pointer at the top left corner of the desired zoom area and press the left mouse button. Move the mouse pointer to the bottom right corner of the desired zoom area and release the mouse button. In order to reset the initial display, press the left mouse button while placed on the chart and move it a short distance top left before you release the button again.

Q. One of the lines in my line chart is set at value zero and is congruent with the bottom border of the chart. What can I do to make it clearly visible?

A. Type a negative value into the “Lower Bound” field within the result control panel in order to change the chart's bottom border and at the same time move your line up.

Q. How can I print a microagent method result chart with a user defined title?

A. Place the mouse cursor on the chart and click the right mouse button. From the pop-up context menu, select the “Properties…” item and change the title and other options of your choice (i.e. background color), then press OK. Now press the right mouse button again, select the “Print…” item and follow the dialogs.

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Mirador features:

  • Easy config

    Easily switch between multiple Hawk environments. Customise program behaviour.

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  • Alerting

    Overview of environment health stats. Dive into single computers. Suspend and confirm alerts.

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  • Data collection & visualisation

    Request information and subscribe to events from remote computers. Easily display data in either forms, tables or charts.

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  • Monitoring

    Get an inside view of BW processes. Identify slow processes. Display average throughput time.

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  • Reporting

    Generate comprehensive results from your distributed monitoring environment.

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  • Smart features – real benefits!

    Query and analyse data from multiple servers. Save & load desktops.

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