Mirador - Server Monitoring

  • Sure everything is working well?

    Get a graphical view of status and alerts

  • KPIs?

    Create custom graphical charts on the fly

  • A bottleneck somewhere?

    Live display of your data will show you where

  • Bored with table-like data?

    Show your data graphically AND live!

  • Performance at peak times?

    See it shown in detail and in real time!

  • What are you monitoring & why?

    See everything. YOU say what is important!

Mirador features:

  • Easy config

    Easily switch between multiple Hawk environments. Customise program behaviour.

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  • Alerting

    Overview of environment health stats. Dive into single computers. Suspend and confirm alerts.

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  • Data collection & visualisation

    Request information and subscribe to events from remote computers. Easily display data in either forms, tables or charts.

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  • Monitoring

    Get an inside view of BW processes. Identify slow processes. Display average throughput time.

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  • Reporting

    Generate comprehensive results from your distributed monitoring environment.

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  • Smart features – real benefits!

    Query and analyse data from multiple servers. Save & load desktops.

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Try it out now!

Add some colour and light to your Hawk™ environment and learn how easy it is to monitor different computers with a meaningful dashboard so you can instantly get a feel of how things are performing. Please download and learn how useful Mirador can be for you and your company – you have 30 days free use of all its powerful features, so get started now!